Wiseguys solve math problems!!

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When people don’t have a clue about something they get an urge to improvise and solve the problem their own way. Either that or they are just dumb.Well here are their solutions.. read more | digg story


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This guy made an electromagnetic pistol, and it fires steel project tiles very efficiently, and silently. There are videos on the page of him firing at beer bottles and aluminum cans. Great work! read more | digg story

The Top 10 Arguments Against DRM

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The more people know the arguments against DRM, the more likely we can turn the tide against the RIAA and get content producers and record labels to make their content available DRM-free. Here’s an article listing 10 effective arguments and … Continued

10 Reasons to Switch to Linux

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5. Standards Linux itself and many common applications follow open standards. This means an update on one system will not make other systems obsolete. read more | digg story

Nintendo Wii up close: Photo gallery

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Nintendo Australia recently gave CNET.com.au a chance to have an early sneak peek at the upcoming Wii. Here’s what they saw. — I can’t wait to see this thing in person! read more | digg story