Sounds from my AWE Exhaust

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I captured some audio using my Zoom H1 audio recorder in stereo at 24bit 44KHz.  This is a cold engine start-up from my Audi S4 with the AWE-Tuning cat-back exhaust using the OEM downpipes. Audio clip: AWE Exhaust on cold … Continued

Stefan Horik

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During my vacation in Canada I found a new artist by the name of Stefan Horik who I greatly enjoyed his work.  Stefan’s work consists of highly detailed oil-based paintings that have extreme texture.  The variety of work I witnessed … Continued

Nintendo Wii up close: Photo gallery

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Nintendo Australia recently gave a chance to have an early sneak peek at the upcoming Wii. Here’s what they saw. — I can’t wait to see this thing in person! read more | digg story

Linerider: the new fad is in

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During my daily trek through I had a decent chuckle at the newest of “new” when it comes to simple entertainment…Linerider. This simple game is allows you to draw lines to allow for a very simple sled rider to … Continued

Honk In The Hole

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I’ve started a new project, but alas have gotten no where due to time. Honk In the Hole is my new pet project spawned with the help of my friends. What originally started as a joke has (now) turned into … Continued